Best language apps of 2022: which one is the right one for you?

Are you learning a foreign language? We have compared five best apps of 2022. Let’s read all about them so you can pick the one that fits you the best! 

The apps we picked for you are:

  1. Duolingo
  2. DuoCards
  3. Memrise
  4. Busuu
  5. Beelinguapp


Duolingo is one of the most commonly used language apps. In Duolingo there are sets of lessons designed for every level of language proficiency.

The main advantage of Duolingo is that there is a selection of 40 languages so if you wish to learn some unusual language then Duolingo is probably the right choice for you. Duolingo is for free even though you can choose to pay  $79.99 to remove ads.


DuoCards is a language app using flashcards method. The main feature that makes the app unique is that it can be used as a translator but the new words can be saved as flashcards The app uses a space repetition technique so flashcards can be revised repeatedly until the user learns them.

The app, however, also offers pre-made sets of cards and courses. There is also a library with articles and videos with subtitles and a user can translate any word from the text and save it as a flashcard. The app is free but you can choose to pay $20 per year to remove ads.


If your main goal is to really start speaking and maybe prepare yourself for foreign travels then Memrise is a choice for you. It includes lessons with videos with native speakers. You can then adapt to different types of accents and also catch some commonly used phrases. There is also a pronunciation mode which gives feedback on your speech.

The app covers about 22 languages. Memrise is also for free but you can pick a pro version which costs $59 per year or $129.99 for a lifetime membership.


Busuu is a language app that can really simulate a real school experience. There are designed learning courses with lessons that include grammar, vocabulary, writing and pronunciation. We would recommend this app if you are a beginner or an intermediate and looking for a complex learning system.

With Busuu you can learn 12 languages, so the selection is not too broad but it covers all the main world’s languages. The basic version is for free and the yearly premium subscription costs $69.99. 


If you wish to learn a language by reading or just to improve your reading comprehension  then Beelinguapp is the app for you. It works in the way that it shows a text in the user’s native language and in the new language simultaneously.

There is also an audiobook section that users can use to catch up with the pronunciation. The app offers a selection of 14 languages and the version with ads is for free while the yearly subscription costs $17.99.

Whichever app caught your eye we hope it will fit your needs and help you improve your language skills! Good luck with your progress!

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