About us


Whether you’re learning for a new job, new love, or simply a new skill, DuoCards is here to make it easier for you. No matter what language you choose, our goal is to help you stay motivated and learn effectively.

Using flashcards as a tool for studying is crucial when learning a new language because they enhance memorizing and active recall. This method can help you expand your vocabulary and simultaneously improve your spelling and pronunciation.

We know that people learn best when they’re having fun. With DuoCards you can learn by watching videos and reading articles, which makes learning much more enjoyable and the concept of rewards and daily streak helps you to stay on track and make a progress.

About us

DuoCards is a flashcard mobile app that can help you to improve your language skills. The app uses a specific algorithm based on spaced repetition that enables you to learn words repeatedly and in a different order, which makes you much more likely to remember them.

We are a Czech-based company founded in 2020 by Petr Herálecký. Our team of developers, pr specialists, support administrators, and linguists work together to make language learning fun and effective for anyone who wants to learn, wherever they are.


One of the main incentives to create a language learning app was the lack of some essential features in other same-oriented apps, for instance, being able to save your own words. With DuoCards, not only can you save the words you encounter anywhere on the internet, but the integrated translator will also show you the translation right away. All it takes is one tap.

Thanks to the algorithm this app is using, you’ll learn in the most effective way. Furthermore, this algorithm keeps track of what you’ve learned so you don’t have to. The app knows when it’s the best time to practice new words and when it’s the best time to revise. It’s like having a private online language tutor! 

We want everyone to have the opportunity to try out how effective this learning method is. That’s why it’s possible to use DuoCards entirely for free. You can create flashcards and whole sets of cards, you can save words from videos and articles, and you can improve your knowledge by going through some of our grammatic courses.

In the premium version, there’s no limit on how many cards can be added per day. You can sort words into different files and filter them so that you can choose what you want to learn.

Our app also enables you to create your own sets of cards and articles. That way, teachers can create their own learning materials and share them with their students.


We’re an international team working together to make language learning fun and more accessible. Our office is based in the heart of the Czech Republic’s, Brno and we are eager to meet new passionate and focused people who would like to join our team.

Interested? Check out the current vacancies below!

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